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Surveyors In Taree, NSW

Shield – cut from Grey Gum reference tree, Originally marked in 1920’s by surveyor Sharpe – Note the mirror image of portion number 142 and 148 which were chiseled into the tree.

Historically, the firm is one of the oldest in the area but modern practices and techniques adopted by the ‘chain’ of surveyors involved have ensured the growth of it’s services to the Manning River and surrounding districts. The first name associated with this long established practice is that of surveyor John Hall who operated his practice in Wingham from about 1850 to 1888.

John Hall carried out the survey subdividing historic Taree Estate, which had links to the early pioneering Wynter and Flett families.

The practice passed to surveyor Joseph Andrews (1882 to 1902 approx), then Kelsey Irving Allen (1902 to 1921). At this stage Mr David Stirling Sharpe took the reins proving himself to be an extremely accurate surveyor whose original survey and reference marks are still being detected in the course of modern developmental surveys. Three years before World War II broke our Stewart McGlashan purchased the practice and on his return from war service employed one of the present principals of the firm, Brian Crisp, as an articled pupil in 1948. Brian became a partner in the firm after four years of intensive ‘apprenticeship’ and went on to become a senior member of the firm on Stewart McGlashan retirement in 1973.

Today the practice is known as McGlashan and Crisp Pty Ltd and is owned by Greg Crisp.

Surveyors In Taree, NSW

Tripod case with old surveyors posts found in the Parish of Belbora by surveyor CR Scrivenor 1890.

Greg Crisp joined the practice in 1991 bringing to it nine years experience in managing a survey firm in Queanbeyan-Canberra and stints on the goldfields of western Australian and north west WA iron ore projects when based at Port Hedland.

Currently McGlashan and Crisp Pty Ltd employs three highly qualified surveyors, Greg Crisp, Julian Calver and Rodney Thomson with a support staff of Logan Davies, Craig Willet, Linda Ferguson, Amanda Kane and Elyce Gilfillan.